BMW Repair

BMW has always demonstrated superiority in engineering and technology. Their goal, as identified in their tag line, is to create the ultimate driving machine with both style and performance. We understand you are selective in your tastes and want to have the best possible driving experience. That's why Mom & Pop's has made a commitment to providing you with BMW service excellence.
Mom and Pops Brake Service

We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot your BMW service problems. Your satisfaction is what compels us to do the very best job possible. Every car that is brought to us for service goes through a courtesy vehicle inspection. Your BMW is no exception. As soon as we identify the problem, we work to resolve any issues so your car is running safely and reliably

BMW Maintenance: Keeping Your BMW in Good Shape

Each BMW is equipped with sensors that use algorithms to determine service intervals. These sensors and algorithms are based on the number of miles you have driven as well as your individual driving style. The actual wear on certain components and fluid levels will determine when you require BMW maintenance. The BMW service intervals consist of three main service groups:

Oil Service During this BMW maintenance interval, the engine oil and filter is changes. An inspection is also made to identify additional preventative maintenance issues that made be necessary.

Inspection I This maintenance is more comprehensive and is completed based on the specifications in your Service Booklet.

Inspection II Also specified in your Service Booklet, this service interval includes additional major vehicle maintenance.

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