The Basic Tune Up

We all know our cars need tune-ups…but what does a tune-up include? And why is it important to keep your car running?

Regular tune-ups are a vital part of preventative maintenance. They increase your vehicle’s efficiency and extend the life of your car.

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We Complete All Of These Steps During A Tune-up:

  • Replace the fuel filter
  • Clean and/or replace the spark plug
  • Inspect and/or replace spark plug wires
  • Replace rotor and distributor cap
  • Adjust valves as needed
  • Check and/or replace all belts
  • Check and replenish all fluids
  • Change oil and oil filter if it’s time
  • Replace the air filter
  • Adjust the clutch in manual transmission cars
  • Replace the PCV valve
  • Change the points and condenser on cars made in 1978 or earlier
  • Check and adjust ignition timing for cars made in 1980 or earlier
  • Change oil and oil filter if it’s time

Most cars need a tune-up every two years or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. You may be tempted to skip your tune-up if your car seems to be running fine, but it’s an indispensible step in car maintenance. During a tune-up, your mechanic has the opportunity to inspect all the systems of your car and catch small mechanical problems before they cause serious damage.

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