Acura Repair

Maintaining your Acura properly is the key to vehicle longevity, and our technicians are standing by to keep your car, truck or SUV running smoothly for years to come. Our highly-trained repair technicians will maximize your vehicle's performance. All service includes a multi-point vehicle inspection to identify developing problems so you can avoid future breakdowns. Performing regular maintenance according to the factory-recommended Maintenance Schedule is the best way to keep your Acura running in optimal condition.
Mom and Pops Brake Service

Timing Belts – Original Fit is Critical

Have your timing belt inspected at the recommended intervals and at replacement time, insist on an Acura Genuine Timing Belt. Acura Genuine Timing Belts are designed for exact factory fit to prevent belt slippage and are constructed with original, premium materials for maximum durability and crack resistance. What's more, Mom & Pop's invests in many special tools unique to your vehicle - so you can be assured that our technicians have the right tools and information to properly service your vehicle.

Acura Genuine Power Steering Fluid

Steering Sounding Wrong? Try the Right Steering Fluid. Maybe it’s hard to believe that using the wrong power steering fluid is a mistake you can hear. But it’s true. An inferior power steering fluid can allow friction, and friction makes noise. With a higher viscosity than most other power steering fluids, an exclusive blend of friction modifiers and a special base oil, Acura Genuine Power Steering Fluid is formulated to counter friction effectively, and is 100% compatible with all Acura power steering system components. Help your Acura last longer and run quieter. Always insist on Acura Genuine Power Steering Fluid.

Acura Genuine Air Quality

Pollen. Dust. Airborne contaminants. They’re all in the air you breathe every day. Fortunately, you can keep them out of your passenger cabin by inspecting and replacing your Acura’s cabin air filter as recommended. Acura Genuine Cabin Air Filters are designed specifically for your vehicle and meet Acura’s exacting performance and quality standards. They’re engineered to deliver maximum filtration of both incoming and recirculated air. And best of all, they give you the confidence of knowing they meet Acura standards for performance, quality and durability.

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